Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Battersea Park Sculptures 1951

Did I mention that there might be a bit of an artfest this week on the blog? Well, I have been thinking a lot about the Battersea Decorative Arts fair, which is currently on and I had hoped to get to. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if I will be able to go. So, time to whip out this 1951 brochure for a different kind of fair held in Battersea. As far as I can tell, an annual open-air sculpture exhibition was held in Battersea Park for a number of years at around this time. I wondered if it began as an event in conjunction with the Festival of Britain. It was clearly a big deal: the committee included Epstein, Hepworth and Charoux. Sculpture on the Internet is one of those odd things where any given piece might be represented in a hundred photographs or be completely invisible. Some of these pieces had other iterations in the same or different materials. My favourite, for example, the Pegasus statue, seems also to have been cast in bronze and there are a couple of images of it our there but none of this version in plaster.

Bourdelle, Death of the Last Centaur, Bronze, 1914

Ehrlich, Young Lovers, Bronze, 1950

Charoux, Evensong, Terracotta, 1944

Lambert, Pegaus and Bellerophon, Plaster, 1943

Minne, Relic Bearer, Bronze, 1929

Wheeler, Adam, Bronze

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