Saturday, December 08, 2012

Nice Back

Another addition to the collection flopped through the letterbox and onto the mat this morning. This is what the collectors call a "Real Photo Postcard" - which seems a little obvious given that it's clearly a real photograph printed onto a printed postcard. The practise was almost universal in the early 20th century that wherever you went you could have your photo taken or you could provide negatives and have them turned into postcard. However, I've often wondered if I haven't got a decent Dragon's Den idea - wouldn't it be cool if you could easily fit your SD card or other digital media into a small machine in any holiday resort and have the number of postcards of your choice pop out of the slot printed with your favourite image. If you can print your photos onto mousemats, mugs and cushions, why not postcards? Anyway, I digress: nice back...

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