Thursday, December 06, 2012

Linkng Sorted

Today has been a housekeeping day here at Front Free Endpaper and I've been sweeping out the link lists at the right hand side of this page. They had become woefully out of date and full of dead sites and missing all manner of fun and fascinating places that are on my favourites list and form a regular part of my browsing life. Do have a look around, you may find some places on the interweb that you never knew existed.

Obviously, none of these sites are under my control and, whilst I know them all well, their content is not my responsibility... blah, blah, disclaimer, blah...

I am always exicted to hear about new sites or places that I don't know about, particularly ones that might fall into my 'Obscurity and Wonder' category! Which, incidentally, is where the photo above came from. The wonderful Retronaut website has a whole page of images from the 1890s of the Field Columbian Museum in Chicago and this is their model of the moon!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Callum! Great blogroll. We have a lot of the same interests... you might enjoy my blog, I've reblogged some of your stuff (with credit), I hope that's okay. Also hope this is not spam, I hope you feel free to unapprove or delete this comments... anyway it's Take care, Alexei

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