Friday, December 07, 2012

Kay Nielsen at Sotheby's

 Kay Nielsen, one of the very best of the early twentieth century artists is represented here with scans, not of plates from one of his books, but from the original artwork. These are images from an astonishing sale of original illustration to be held at Sotheby's on the 12th of this month, that draws its lots from the collection of Michael Winner. Just a quarter of the items here would be an astonishing collection and the Nielsen is by no means what most people will get excited by but it caught my eye. There is, of course, a Wikipedia page devoted to the artist but there is, I think, a much more interesting and subtle biography and analysis at Jim Vadeboncoeur's Illustrators website.

It is worth going to the auction house's website to look at these and the other images because, unlike here, they are presented in such a way that you can zoom right into the image and, because they are original artwork, you can begin to see something of how it was drawn or painted which is lost in the flattening process of print reproduction.

We shall be watching this auction with great interest and there may be some more items from it featured here in due course.

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