Friday, December 28, 2012

Demophon as a Prize

Well, here we are, back again after the Christmas feasting. R and I have been with family on the Isle of Wight for a couple of days and we are now easing ourselves back into the swing of things. This time last year I made a resolution to blog every day and, barring a couple of days of illness here and there I managed to keep to that and have enjoyed the discipline of doing so. I don't intend to make any formal commitments to myself this coming year of a similar nature but I imagine things will go on as you have been used to for a while yet.

Thank you to all those who have sent holiday greetings of one kind or another and if you are waiting to hear from me about some matter, please do hang on, I am getting through my inbox as quickly as I decently can at the moment.

One of the items in that inbox was an email from regular reader Noctambulate that contained these photos of a copy of Forrest Reid's book Demophon (Collins, London, 1927). The book itself is possibly my favourite Reid book after the Tom Barber trilogy: it is a fictional weaving of Greek myth in an overtly classical setting with a story that showcases all of Reid's usual themes and motifs. There is something very light and airy about the book, the classical Greek landscape always feels fresh and bright and never overbearingly hot and stuffy. Perhaps I have a fondness for these quasi-historio-mythical books as my favourite Rolfe books are probably his historical fantasies Don Renato, Hubert's Arthur and Don Tarquinio. I have a soft spot also for Norman Douglas's In the Beginning which is, again, a quasi-mythical piece of fiction/fantasy. Anyway, it was delightful to see this copy was not only a school prize presentation copy, in the year after the book was originally published, but that the school had gone to the trouble of finding such an appropriate book for a young man who excelled in their Greek lessons.

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