Saturday, November 17, 2012

William Vizor Collette

Today was spent in a the friendly and treasure-packed home of friend and collector, Nik Elm, literally a stone's throw from the house where Philip Kains-Jackson and his young cousin set up home together, around the corner from Gleeson White's London pad and just down the road from William Morris's house - an auspicious place obviously, and you may be treated to more items from his collection in the near future hear on FFEP, but for tonight this very beautiful and delicate pencil drawing, the photo of which does nothing to showcase the delicacy of the image. This is a drawing by William Vizor Collette, signed and dated 1902 and Nik believes may be from Capri or even from Taormina itself. However, this is one of the few items in his collection where the artist has remained obscure so we were rather hoping that perhaps someone out there in internet land might have come across him before and be able to share...?

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