Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vintage Young Men for Sale

Part of my job involves keeping an eye on things coming up for auction around the place and, although I don't collect or deal in this kind of material, there is hardly ever a week goes by when there isn't an auction somewhere in Europe featuring the Arcadian photography of Von Gloeden, Pluschow or Galdi. The two directly above and below are both by Pluschow and are being offered by Colombus in Hamburg on the 17th of this month. The handsome chap in the third photo is also photographed by Pluschow but is being offered by Bassenge in Berlin on 6th December along with my favourite of this small selection, a photograph by the somewhat overlooked German photographer Konrad Helbig (1917-1986).
Here at Front Free Endpaper we like people to be able to visit even if they are at work or surfing in public and so we keep the nudity to a minimum but along with these photos, both auction houses above are offering other, 'nuder' ones which can be viewed in the online catalogues.

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