Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vintage Freebies

I mentioned Etsy yesterday, and the fact that I've been a seller there for a little while now in a humble way. One of the things I like about Etsy is that the sellers and buyers there do actually communicate with each other and there's always an attempt by the sellers, in my limited experiences, to add a little something to the transaction in some way to make it feel special. So when I bought a photo for my collection on Etsy a while ago I wasn't surprised when it came with a handful of other vintage photos thrown in as freebies. This is just a small selection from the free handful. I especially like the chap above with the dog and the socks that won't stay up because we know from the back of the photo that his name really was "Kermet Grey". As I was scanning these I was looking at the one below with the baby and the date and realising that provided nothing happened in the intervening years, that babe in arms would now be in his or her fifties!

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