Sunday, November 04, 2012

Penguin Poets

Regular readers will know that I made a resolution last year to post something to this blog once a day from Christmas Day to Easter. This was accomplished, and as the discipline of doing so was, for the most part, enjoyable, I carried on posting every day. Even when I have been away I have tried either set up some 'pre-baked' posts in advance or to blog from 'away'. I have been away for the last few days but unfortunately this coincided with being unwell and in the end, I was persuaded that you, dear reader, could do without me for a few days. My apologies to those who were alarmed. I'm back and we begin with one of my finds from my week away, another addition to my collection of Penguin Poets. This is D29, Shelley.

I'll be catching up with my email in the next few days, so it you are waiting to hear from me about something, you will... shortly.

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