Friday, November 23, 2012

Lionel Wendt of Sri Lanka

Those lovely people at Bonhams have emailed to point out these two photographs by Lionel Wendt in the same lot in an upcoming sale of theirs. Wendt, (1900-1944) was a musician, film maker, intellectual, critic, and photographer was one of Sri Lanka's major figures in the arts of the twentieth century and his photography often, though not exclusively, offered images of the male nude or male body. His style was distinctive and very recognisable: a simple Google image search will confirm this. There is an interesting overview of his life and work at the Sri Lanka Sunday Times website. The Bonhams sale is fascinating beyond just the Wendt photos, they are in a section of the Polar II sale called "India and Beyond, Travel and Photography" on 4th December, which is well worth taking a look at as a whole.

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P. K.. Vijayasinghebahuge said...

These are not the greatest examples of Wendt's work. I simply love a lot of what he did. He was an amazing person. Also, when referring to people and things prior to 1972 we generally use the word Ceylon to refer to the country. Not that it makes a big difference, but to this day, in Sri Lanka, people make reference to Wendt's Ceylon. Also, we still have things with names such as Bank of Ceylon, et cetera. And most still talk of Ceylon tea and the like.

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