Friday, November 30, 2012

Digby Mackworth Dolben on The Public Domain Review

A brilliantly written article has appeared on the ever-delicious Public Domain Review about "The Strangely Troubled Life of Digby Mackworth Dolben" by Carl Miller. When I say brilliantly written I am not simply being polite, it is wonderful prose that makes you remember once more how the writing of non-fiction is also an art form. On the Oxford Movement he says, for example, "In Oxford in the 1830s these high church Anglicans had hammered their theology into a fine gold leaf: they were dazzled by the beauty of their work but failed to see that it was far too fragile to survive the ecclesiastic contest it invited."

Miller is kinder to Bridges in his role of mini-biographer and posthumous literary agent to Dolben than I and others have been in the past and, he is so convincing in this regard I feel I'm going to have to go back to the original and give Bridges another chance. The last time Dolben featured here was in an article about the strange living arrangements of Henry Newbolt and the wonder of a good association copy.

I am in the process of reading every word every published by this amazing website and I would recommend the same to anyone.


memoriesofthefuture said...

Wow, you weren't overstating--what a wonderfully written article on a fascinating topic! And the website itself looks like an amazing resource; thank you for bringing it to our attention, I'll probably do a lot of browsing this rainy Saturday morning.


PJ said...

"small presses sprung up to produce new volumes that could be shelved with justice among those vellum bindings in the private dusk of any velvet-curtained study. "

Fabulous. A Kindle will never hold a candle to a scented vellum.

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