Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Callum James Books Short List #10

I can't quite believe that this is number 10! Sent out last night and already seeming quite popular. Looking back to the first short list catalogue I see that it was sent out in May 2011 which means that I have kept more or less to my stated aim of putting out a list every other month or so. For readers not familiar with them, these are selling lists for rare, secondhand and ephemeral material that I think will be of interest to my customers. Somewhere between 15-30 items are featured in each list and I try to have a broad range of pricing. The items listed are either new stock or items that I am trying to list at a little less than they are available for online elsewhere. Sometimes items on the list will have already featured on this blog.
If you would like to receive the email each time one is issued that gives you the link to the catalogue in pdf format, please just click on the 'email me' link and ask to be added.

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