Thursday, November 15, 2012


If I had to give two pieces of advice to a would-be book collector (or dealer) they would be first, read the books you collect and, second, read about the books you collect. If I had to get rid of everything on pain of penury I think I would fight hardest to keep the part of my collection which is books about books, bibliography and booksellers' catalogues. Obviously, my interest is in gay literature but I guess in every field of book collecting there are dealers who have, over the years, specialised, and there is very little in this world that can best a well-produced bookseller's catalogue for education (and often entertainment) value. These are, sadly, the only Elysian Fields catalogues I have at the moment (and I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who wants to offer me more..) but these along with the catalogues of G. F. Sims, Jacqueline Wesley, Michael deHartington, David Deiss, and many others, have a special place on my shelves and in my bibliophile heart.

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PJ said...

Whatever happened to Jacqueline Wesley? I used to receive her catalogues and then they just stopped.

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