Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Talking Book of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

A treat for Oscar Wilde fans tonight - well, maybe. In 1948 a 'talking book' of The Happy Prince was released on 78rpm vinyl and there was an accompanying 'book' made up only of these full page illustrations by H. Paul and at various points the narrator, (plumy, received pronunciation, crsip and clear in a 1940s BBC kind of way) would say "turn the page". It's all so achingly 1940s but if want to see how it works with the narration then, of course, the whole thing is also available on Youtube. 


Rich said...

Hello. I dont suppose you know where I could purchase a copy of this 78lp with book..I used to have it as a child and loved it so so so much..I though Danny Kaye read it..but could be wrong I was only little.....I've been looking for ages to grab a copy......

Any help greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

Richard Foulkes

LES said...

My parents also had this 78 lp. I would love to know where I could get a copy of the record/book. I loved the pictures. "Swallow little swallow........"
My mother through it out when she and dad moved some 17 years ago. In Sydney, Australia

Link said...

My Daughter found one but the 78lp is broken.
She & my Grandaughter purchased one for my Wife as her copy has disappeared & it was the only book my Wife had as a child..
They found several copies,very expensive & remakes are available.
What i would like is a copy of the 78 or a CD of same.
The copy my Daughter purchased has the name Joy Scope in it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. I loved listening to this talking book when young. I found the book and 78 but currently don't have the gramophone working so thank you for the youtube link! Such a paradoxically sweet ending (is it worth spending your life caring and loving others - your reward on earth will often be obscurity and the dust heap).

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