Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Rolfe in Portuguese - Histórias que Toto me contou

It's always nice to hear about Frederick Rolfe being appreciated in other languages and so it was lovely to be contacted the other day by the translator of what he believes to be the first of Rolfe's books to be translated and published in Portuguese in Brazil. This is an edition of Rolfe's Toto stories and if Portuguese is your first language then you should go to Blurb and buy a copy right now! I have always wondered at the daring of a translator prepared to take on Rolfe's works as they are full of language sometimes so convoluted that an 'English first language' reader has to occasionally do a double take.

In fact, if you are unfamiliar with Rolfe's work and wonder what all the fuss is about then there are number of his books that could be recommended to you but you wouldn't go far wrong reading the Toto stories, some of Rolfe's earliest fiction but containing all his trademark circumlocutions and neologisms, with a soupcon of flowery folk-Catholicism and a whiff of the homoerotic all in rather bumptious style. The Valancourt Press edition of Stories Toto Told Me is readily available.

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