Sunday, October 07, 2012

Harry Vendryes at The Pigalle, Piccadilly

The Pigalle Club in London's Piccadilly was quite the rave in the 1960s. It's still going as a music and dining club but the online reviews are the definition of 'divided opinion'. Back in June there was a post here on Front Free Endpaper about the Men of the Folies Bergere, this programme that I've just hooked out of a box from auction didn't have anywhere near the same amount of male eye-candy to show you but I don't mind being aligned with the stereotype who can't pass by on the other side when there are tassells and sequins to look at. And I did, at least, find one beautiful man to introduce you to. This (below) is the magician Harry Vendryes who was a part of the Extravaganza show at the Pigalle. It appears he is remembered, on online magic forums, as having one of the most beautiful dove acts ever seen, which certainly seems to be what he is doing in this photo, some say that because of an accident he had a large cavity in the side of his body which he was able to use to conceal the doves about his person. He disappeared from the scene and no one online seems to know what became of him but wow, what a stunner.

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JAalphagirl67 said...

I met Harry Vendryes almost two week ago in Kingston, Jamaica where he is living in the household of a friend. Harry was very charming and did some magic tricks for us. Unfortunately he is in the early to mid stages of dementia.

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