Thursday, October 11, 2012

Festival of Britain South Bank Advertising

This is the Exhibition guidebook to the South Bank Exhibition during the Festival of Britain. It's not particularly rare, you can pick up a copy for around £10 depending on condition, I usually have a couple lying around. We have featured elements of Festival of Britain style before here on Front Free Endpaper but I was surprised to see that this guide has never been the centre of a post before. Below I have scanned some of the advertising from the book which I think is by far the most interesting part of it. Things which are so definitely 'of their period' are often very collectible and I'm sure that's why the Festival does have a small but devoted group of followers. Of course, the trick is, to be able to spot what is 'of the period' in the time you're living in and to hoard the very best of that - but it's not so easy when you are in the moment - how many of us could pick out the visual and design images that will define the 20-teens? It's only now that the 1990s are beginning to seem far enough away in time that they have a 'look'.

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