Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beautiful Marble

It's no secret that we have something of a love for beautiful marble bodies on this blog and going through a few old folders on the hard drive this evening I've found photos of three statues, all of surpassing loveliness but all with barely any information attached to them. That's not to say that they never came in a context, just that, in a lazy moment, I right-clicked somewhere on the Internet and left it at that. Now, of course, I've had to go wading through Google to try and find what I can about them so I can share these sweepings from the back of my filing system.

The Statue of A Boy (above) is in the National Museum of Sweden in Stockholm and there were a set of amazing photos of this statue on Flickr by Noriko Stardust. You should check out her other photos as well: she's an amazingly talented photographer of interiors and still life.

This amazingly stylish, I presume 1930s deco statue of a male nude is from the Wadsworth Athenaeum in CT, USA and two photos of it were uploaded to flickr by ZephyrusNYC who, unfortunately couldn't identify the artist.

The image of a the Death of Abel was again posted to Flickr, this time by Alain, and this time with all the information one could possible want: the sculpture is by Vincent Emile Feugere des Fortes (1825-1899), it was made c.1855 and currently resides in the Musee d'Orsay in Paris.


Don said...

Those sculptures are wonderful. Thank you very much for posting the pictures of them.

eArnie Painter said...

There is an artist who moved from Germany (or the general vicinity) to Austin, TX. Her name is Elisabet Ney. Her studio, Formosa, is a museum here with some of her work in it. She worked to gather great minds – artists, statesmen, etc – around Formosa to establish a cultural center in Austin. She worked in marble. If you wanted to see some images you could visit here:

Of course, they are nothing like the style you have here, but they are marble sculptures.

Emiliano S. said...

The artist of the marble statue of youth on Wadsworth Athenaeum in CT is Gaston Lachaise, 1927

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