Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Victorian Gothic Mystery

This sumptuous example of Victorian Gothic Revival decoration is in the form of a large albumen print photograph, a typical kind of format, 9.5" x 7.5" and mounted on a piece of card that clearly used to be a leaf from an album. (And here's a tip for you if you want avoid the ire of the bibliographically-insane: books have pages, albums have leaves. I was once nearly arrested for this felony by a member of the self-appointed bibliographical police) Anyway, one of the joys of dealing with vintage photos is also one of it's frustrations: that is, for every photograph who's story you can uncover, there are those which remain stubbornly silent. R's excellent suggestion, that it might be the room which is now the restaurant at the V&A Museum, the Gamble Room, and my first best-guess, that is might be a room from the wonderland of Victorian Gothic that is Castel Coch, turned out to be non-starters. So it's back to the head scratching again.

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