Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Venetian Lady and the English Countryside

A short while ago I posted a little piece about an unusual photo of Venice that I had come across. It has generated some really knowledgeable and interesting comments and as the woman in the photo was something of a star I thought I would scan her again and post it here. But also, the oddity of the photo was mainly in the material on which is was printed, a kind of lustrous plastic - which it has been suggested might be celluloid. The four photos below, roughly contemporary with the Venetian image but of very different subject matter came from the same auction lot and also have pinholes in the corners suggesting they have been displayed but without framing. They all measure about 10" x 8" and are clearly very posed representations of a rural idyll using the same two or three women and one boy in different situations. Sadly, I didn't buy this lot at auction for these elements and it was clear from the lot as a whole that this was the remnants of a dealer's business being auctioned so there was absolutely nothing to provide any background or provenance. 


Unknown said...

The English countryside is - at least in two or three of the images - Castle Combe in Wiltshire. Don't know if that's any use! Only nine miles from Fox Talbot's Lacock Abbey... have you made an amazing discovery?!?

Callum said...

Hi Unknown,

Thanks so much for the information and for taking the time to comment here, it really is appreciated. It makes an incredible difference to the interest in an image if it can be identified so thank you so much. Sadly, I'm sure that these are fairly modern reproductions of images that would have been somewhat later than Fox Talbot's main body of work.



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