Saturday, September 22, 2012

The British Library's Postcard Rack

There are those of my friends who tell me they are sometimes jealous of my bookdealer's lifestyle and today, perhaps, with some justification. I am in London on a beautiful, warm, autumnal day and had a slow and easy trip into town from South London to go to the British Library (cool, calm and more or less empty on a Saturday), to do a little bit of business there and then back to South London on the train through the balmy sunshine.... ah! what a life eh?

And whilst at the Library I was able to pick these up. Sadly, not the originals, but as postcards bought from the same racks that are also decorated by postcards of highly coloured William Morris designs and reproductions of E. H. Sheppard illustrations. I particularly like the copy of the 'Recommended for license' letter from the Lord Chamberlain's Office about GBS's Pygmalion in 1914 (below)

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Self-effacing ghost said...

Yes, the letter from the Lord Chamberlain's Office is most interesting. Presumably the author is the same G S Street who sent up the English decadents in The Autobiography of a Boy (1894) and was himself skewered by one of the parodies in Max Beerbohm's A Christmas Garland (1912). I'd like to know more about him.

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