Friday, September 21, 2012

RAF Armourer in WW2

This rather hunky chap is captured in a "British Official Photograph" by the Air Ministry during WW2. And one of the nice things about these official photos is that they usually have a paragraph on the back to tell you what you are looking at:

"RAF ARMOURERS AT WORK IN TUNISIA. The armourers of the Royal Air Force have a busy time behind the scenes as each new wave of bombers goes over to attack the Axis positions in Tunisia. They have to prepare and fuse the bombs, have fresh supplies of ammunition ready to take aboard, generally provide the fire power for our aircraft. Photo shows. An armourer unpacks a load of trouble for the Axis on a forward airfield in Tunisia. His squadron had just moved up to a new airfield and preparations were being made to attack the enemy."

Of course, precisely because it was an official photograph the information we don't get is the personal and individual. We will probably never know who this person was.

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