Thursday, September 13, 2012

Furnishing in the 1950s

As you know, I'm not averse to a bit of mid twen-cen (a phrase I don't think is ever going to catch on, no matter how many times I use it) retro style. So I couldn't resist this. Before there were interior designers, it turns out that we had 'furnishers', and this is their encylopedia, the second edition no less, from 1955. (It's particularly sweet that this copy has a prize book plate inside giving the book to a young woman who had just completed her National Furnishing Diploma!). But any book with things stuck it in has got to be worth a look and, although the book is disappointingly monochrome for the most part, there are these pockets of colour and suddenly were back in 1955 balancing our 21st-century-sized backsides in spindle-legged chairs and staring at acres of printed taffeta, a Staffordshire pottery dog on either side of the fireplace and a to-die-for print in a hideous frame up on the wall... ah retro...!

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