Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Callum James Books Short List #9

I have just published Short List Catalogue #9 for Callum James Books. It has items by E. E. Bradford, Edward Carpenter, Ralph Chubb and others. CJB runs two mailing lists, neither of which are very onerous on the inbox. One is for the announcement of our Short Lists of rare and secondhand books: about 15-25 items each time with a good variety of values and, hopefully, something to appeal to anyone who might find this blog interesting. The second mailing list is the announcement of new titles published by Callum James Books.

If you would like to be on either list, please just use the email link at the top right-ish of this blog to get in touch.

[Observant readers will note that the green coiled serpent on the cover of this Short List indicates the presence within of a book once owned by Andre Raffalovich. The serpent bookplate was designed for him by Eric Gill and was reserved for use in his collection of books about homosexuality.]

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