Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Edwardian Photo Gallery

I bought these a couple of weeks ago now and have been meaning to share them here ever since. I found them loose in a dealer's box of photos at a fair and, clearly, they had once been together in an album and as a collection they intrigued me no end. They are all taken in Cambridge and so one immediately thinks of the University of course: were they students together and perhaps the owner of the album collected their photos and asked them to sign them all? But how unusual that they should all have photos taken by the same photographer, and to have signed them at all. One day I will have the time to get into them properly and see what I can dig up. At the moment, a cursory few searches on the Internet reveals only one of them, a reference to a medical student... Anyhow, for the time being they remain, I hope, an intriguing and handsome gallery of Edwardian manhood.

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