Monday, September 03, 2012

A Couple of Dust Jackets

We've heard quite a bit about John Lehmann recently on this blog (note to self: must find and read biography damn soon!) and the above jacket was one of two that leaped off the shelf today. The book is published by Lehmann and he was well known for his patronage of artists as a part of the publication process. The artwork on this one is by Robert Medley. Not one of the huge names of mid-twentieth century art, but he's certainly up there. Medley was well connected to the Bloomsbury set and I'm sure that's the context in which Lehmann would have encountered him. Medley was, apparently the person who first suggested that W. H. Auden should write poetry.

The second jacket, below is unsigned and uncredited but I am informed by the some of the good booksellers of Abebooks that the design is by Vanessa Bell. It's a striking one even if the book itself is fairly uninspiring.

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