Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Victorian Statuary

Two things I would never usually buy, when put together, were irresistible. I don't normally buy Victorian photo albums: I don't understand the value of them, usually if I see a couple of photos I like in an album for sale I resign myself to not buying it because I know it will be priced to take account of the album more than the images, and for me, all the value is in the images. The second thing I don't normally buy is photos or postcards of statuary. This is largely because, although I have something of a 'thing' for a fine marble breast, on the whole, my experience is that they don't sell very well.

So it was something of a surprise for myself when I bought this fabulous little cdv album the other day. All fifty apertures bar one were filled with Victorian photos of classical statuary. A great example of how a 'collection' of something can become more than the sum of its many parts. 

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