Sunday, August 26, 2012

Siegfried Sassoon's Bookplate and Website

This is the monogram of Siegfried Sassoon, best known to a generation of school children as a "War Poet" but so much more besides. The monogram was used by Sassoon as an ex-libris bookplate and is often accompanied by his ownership signature. One of the most often de-gayed characters in twentieth century literature. Perhaps because the image of War Hero doesn't sit easily in some minds alongside that of Stephen Tennant's lover, one of the most dandyish and shiny of the Bright Young Things. As is often the way in this business, you sell a book and then discover an interest. In the past few months I have sold a copy of the Sotheby's sale catalogue of the contents of Stephen Tennant's Wiltshire home, and a short while later sold a copy of a book from Sassoon's own library complete with the monogram bookplate and signature. So many author's have a surprisingly small Internet presence that it was a delight and something of a shock to discover the extensive and excellent website published and maintained by a David Gray. It is something of a model for what author websites should be.

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