Friday, August 17, 2012

If Only...

At the bottom of a box of auction 'stuff' which I had quite deliberately only bought for one thing (which wasn't this) was this amazing dark green leather album with gilt decoration and metal clasps. Looks very promising doesn't it. Sadly, inside it was empty. Even the pages have now been made useless as it was used by a dealer to display wares and in order to do that, diagonal slits have been cut in almost every page for the corners of autographs and letters and other manuscript material to be slipped into. All we have left are the occasional pencil note to tell us what was there. And what a collection it would have once been. Letters here connected to Wilde and Whistler, de Quincey, Richard and Lady Burton, Max Beerbohm, A. C. Benson... A wonderful 'if only'.

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