Monday, August 06, 2012

George Rostevor's Escape & Fantasy : J Hancock

This enchanting little piece is both the title page and is printed again on the paper covers of this 1918 book published by Heinemann. Now that I think about it, Heinemann produced a lot of books around this time with much higher artistic aspirations than most and yet, nearly all the ones I'm thinking of were produced to a standard which means that physically they tend to be a bit of a wreck. Anyway, I digress, that's something for investigation later... J Hancock signed this little piece of loveliness in the same year, 1918, as the publication. Preliminary Internet digging tells me that he or she was not a prolific illustrator of books but what I have seen suggests that elfin, faerie-like creatures and characters were something of a forte.

PS. I big thanks to JOHN who has provided some very helpful bits and pieces about The Castaways that I blogged a few days ago - look in the comments!

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