Thursday, August 30, 2012

Foreign Bodies from the Black and White Budget

You might expect the museum of a place like The Royal College of Surgeons to have some slightly macabre and fascinating exhibits and here, with help from a return visit to the pages of the Black and White Budget magazine of 1902 are just a few. In this instance, they are things taken from bodies. Above is an egg cup removed from the body of a 60 year old man, an inmate of a workhouse....

A collection of foreign bodies successfully removed from the stomach of a girl of ten years old.

A spoon and bowl swallowed by a 22 year old lunatic (sic.)

The top of an iron railing successfully removed from the upper jaw of a builder aged 41.

Bent pins weighing some 9oz. removed from the stomach of a 41 year old woman.

Twenty marbles selected from fifty-three which were swallowed by a boy of fifteen, who never complained.

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