Saturday, August 11, 2012

Antiquariaat Fokas Holthuis - Paulbooks : Great List

Fellow bookseller Paul Snijders of Antiquariaat Fokas Holthuis has had something of a technological tragedy, loosing all his emails, in and out, from 2008 until July of this year. You can imagine perhaps how mind-numbingly awful this would be: then imagine this was the email from which you run your business and do all your correspondence with customers. Our condolences go out to Paul but also perhaps denizens of Front Free Endpaper might like to try cheering him up a little. Paulbooks run a 'newsletter' book catalogue a little like Callum James Books' Short List Catalogue. And if you like the things you see on this blog then you will love Paulbooks newsletters. Perhaps you could be tempted to email Paul and sign up for future newsletters. Better still, there is also a list of books from previous mailings that haven't yet sold, perhaps you'd like to visit and buy a little something from this multilingual and fascinating list.

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