Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ex Libris Bookplates: Cyri and Averil Le Gros Clark

Strange the things that come the bookdealer's way... this is the bookplate of Cyril and Averil Le Gros Clark. It turns out that Averil is considered something of a St Ive's artist although he main body of work was in wood engraving and illustrating. This slightly peculiar and near illegible ex libris is attached to the verso, that is, the inside front covers, of all the covers shown below. Sadly, covers is all there is. These are literally the upper boards only of what was presumably once a very impressive set of the Works of Oscar Wilde in red leather with extravagantly stamped gilt design and the owners initials... difficult to think of a use for such things and equally difficult to simply throw them away! 

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