Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ephemera: Religious

I'm having something of a clear-out and clean-up here at Callum James Heights and I found my stash of religious ephemera a moment ago. Whenever tiny and non-valuable bits of ephemera fall out of books or some to me in some other way, I sometimes add them to a developing pile of bits in a drawer on a similar theme. I do this with religious ephemera mainly because I have a bit of a soft-spot for it! Religious ephemera of this type is always small, domestic and intimate, it speaks very directly to someone's interior life and thoughts. Also, it is usually a tiny example of letterpress printing, chromolithography, typography or some other interesting aspect of the production of ephemera - what's not to like!?

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cagayano said...

what a beautiful collection of Catholic holy cards!!! these mementos serve as a mirror into the lives of those who owned them. i myself have found a number of them in secondhand bookstores in pages of old prayerbooks and missals, like mementos for a little child's first Holy Communion, an RC priest's ordination day (my treasured piece is a Papal Legate's golden jubilee), a nun's taking of vows, a student's spiritual retreat.

Thank you for sharing your collection!

God bless you!! :)

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