Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Campest Fashion Show Ever

UPDATE: Link Fixed

The British Pathe Archive online is a veritable treasure trove of the most wonderful videos. But this one is absolutely scream-worthy. A 1951 short film about high fashion swim and casual wear. It appears to be set, not so much on the runways of Paris as in a front room somewhere near the runways of Heathrow. Alan here (above) is doing a passable impression of an extra from Flash Gordon in his geometrical swim trunks but as he does his twirl there's more than one kind of flashing going on - much to the amusement of the young Nora Batty in the front room. Interestingly, in the year of the Festival of Britain there is one shorts and shirt combo which has hand painted images of the Festival sites on the fabric - one wonders what that might be worth if it turned up today.

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The Eye said...

I love this video, especially when the model with the striped bottoms turns his beautiful butt cheeks to the two women in the front row.

One of my favorite vintage fashion videos online!

Love your blog, btw! I have a vintage blog, as well, called The Eye of Faith(.com). You may appreciate it...

Would love for you to check it out!




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