Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage Photos: Ice Hockey

Also while mooching in Albert Road in Southsea today I came across these photographs which were just too interesting to leave with the shop. So they came home with me. I think they might be from the 1940s. Certainly the design of the sign in the background of one of them saying "Tea Lounge" has that kind of feel. The photographer is given, embossed on the card mount as being in Temple Fortune, London, NW11 so I'm wondering if maybe this was the Alexandra Palace Ice Rink.

I particularly like the way that, in the action shot below, nearly everyone is part transparent because of the speed of the movement and the inadequacy of the camera.

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Hugh said...

Impossible to tell, but if it's ice hockey, North London, thirties or forties, it's much more likely to be Harringay Arena.

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