Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Penguin a Week

A long time ago now I mentioned on this blog, almost in passing, the brilliant A Penguin a Week blog where full-on Penguin collector Karyn Reeves not only continues to add to a collection of several thousand penguins, but also reads them and reviews them, once a week, as the title of the blog suggests. I should have recommended this blog in far more fulsome terms long before now. But now I discover, as if my joy wasn't full enough, I discover that she also has a flickr account in which the collection is wonderfully documented. I chose the picture above, of course, which illustrates some of her Penguin Poets holdings since I have a bit of an interest in that field and have been known, every now and again, to update y'all on how my modest collection of them is going: and that's the photo here below....

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