Friday, June 01, 2012

New From Callum James Books: A Fugitive Collection

We are delighted to announce the publication of a new title, A Fugitive Collection: A Catalogue of Books and Other ItemsRelating to Frederick Rolfe Baron Corvo from the Collection of the Late Mr Donald Weeks. This is a title for the real Corvine and for the general bibliophile. Donald Weeks was an extraordinary collector and had perhaps the largest Corvo collection in the world, outside of an institution. Many of you will know that the largest part of Weeks's collection was sold through Maggs Bros of London to the Brotherton Library in Leeds in 2009. However, a smaller but extremely interesting part of the collection had become detached and ended up in the hands of a private collector. The story is briefly told in the Foreword to this catalogue. It has taken four years of work by Callum James Books and by Maggs Bros to finalise the negotiations which mean that the majority of items listed in this catalogue have been reunited with the rest at the Brotherton. This catalogue is intended to be read alongside the catalogue issued by Maggs Bros in 2009, Baron Corvo from the Collection of Donald Weeks, to give the fullest possible picture of the contents of Weeks's collection at the time of his death. Please be clear that this is not a selling catalogue. As well as first editions, variant bindings and ephemeral pieces, this part of the collection also contained manuscript and photographic material and some items relating to the Order of Sanctissima Sophia.

We are issuing this catalogue in a strictly limited and numbered edition of 50. 32pp sewn into printed cream covers with a number of illustrations in colour. This title costs 9.99GBP and the postage will be 2.00GBP (in the UK), 3.00GBP (to the EU) and 4.00GBP (to anywhere else in the world).

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