Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Jackets of the Sixties

It's been a peculiar long-weekend these last few days. What with the announcement of Callum James Books latest publication: A Fugitive Collection (and there are only a few left so if you've been thinking about ordering one and haven't yet, I'd suggest you let me know), and then all the jolly British hoo-ha about the Jubilee to be both endured and enjoyed in almost equal measure, and then today has seen me cooking a BBQ for 30 people connected to R's work in the middle of a forest - so all in all a peculiar weekend.

So I thought tonight I would simply grab a few decent book jackets off the shelves here at CJB HQ and as I was doing so, a small theme emerged of jacket design in the 1960s, a decade we rarely get up to on this blog. The first two are from the works of a little known novelist called Ronald Fraser, whose strange low-key science fiction stories come highly recommended by none other than Mark Valentine and so, should be taken seriously.  I was delighted to see, because I hadn't noticed it before, that the City of the Sun cover is designed by Pat Marriott, a long time featured illustrator on this blog as the illustrator of the Willard Price adventure series.

The very sixties look of the jacket for Julian Symons's book I thought was amusing, given that it's a book about another decade entirely, and the two bottom scans (oh er missus) are just brilliantly 'period'. The Hidden Persuaders in particular has an Austin Powers look to it and the designer/artist is given only as a signature 'Carter'.

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