Saturday, June 30, 2012

Handsome Victorian Policeman

Well, I promised you more from my recent auction visits and how about this handsome fellow: particularly if you like a strong jaw! I would imagine that the original intention of the sheet hung on the back wall of the garden was so that the photo could be cropped to show our young policeman in heroic pose against a blank background, and that it didn't happen, either because the photographer couldn't be bothered or, more likely, it turned out that it would make the proportions all wrong to fit the image onto a standard sized piece of photo-paper. It's nice to have the cabinet card of his out of uniform too, not least because it means that he can be pinned down to this part of the world (i.e. Portsmouth/Southsea) and so it's possible that a little digging in the local record office might identify him.

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