Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flo & Stan: Southsea Retro

I don't often do 'local' posts but if you should be anywhere near me here on the South Coast and you enjoy a bit of browsing through retro goodies then you could do a lot worse than visit Southsea and in particular Albert Road, and, most particularly Flo & Stan. Confusingly, that's the name of the shop, not the couple who own and run it who are actually called Derek & Lorna - which perhaps doesn't sound quite so retro. There was a real Flo & Stan, and you can see their picture on the wall in the shop... always a good conversation starter!

Flo & Stan stocks a range of contemporary home wares all mixed up with vintage treasures and graphics. I particularly like the huge anatomical and first aid wall charts on the wall, the wooden dummy's legs upside down in the window light above an internal door and the knitted dinosaurs...

Anyway, there's more on Facebook, there will shortly be a website (which I'll add here as soon as) and if you should pop in and see them please do say I sent you...

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