Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catalogue Love

If you are, like me, something of a catalogue whore, and you are, like me, fascinated by gay literature then you probably already know what I'm about to tell you, and this post becomes redundant. However, just on the off-chance that you have missed it, Callum James Books is not the only booksellers to issue occasional short lists of interesting new material. Elysium Press in New Hampshire is now up to shortlist #6 and if you haven't seen them then you should certainly head over there and download the whole pdf files.

Shortlist #5 is illustrated below and if that handwiting on the cover looks familiar, that would be because it belongs to your friend and mine, Frederick Rolfe Baron Corvo and the highlight of that particular catalogue is the MS of Rolfe's Venetian story, "Cascading into the Canal". In the latest issue, #6, the item that caught my eye was again the one illustrated on the cover, this time a collection of bookplates featuring male nudes and including examples by both Ralph Chubb and Buckland-Wright. There is also a large collection of material relating to Henry Scott Tuke and one of series of memorial reliquaries which were created after Derek Jarman's death which contains a host of ridiculous but wonderful ephemera.

Of course it may well be that you are a novice in these matters and would like to be tempted to the darkside of catalogue-love: if so, send me an email using the link at the top right of this blog and ask to be added to my own mailing list for short list catalogues and details of new publications from Callum James Books.

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