Monday, June 25, 2012

Callum James / Paper

Well, here's a new and exciting development. Callum James Books has opened a shop on Etsy called Callum James / Paper. As regular readers know, an awful lot of really great graphic material passes across my desk and a lot of it has been posted here over the years. Victorian, Retro, Mid-Twen, or Space Age: the visual material that comes my way will be on sale at our new shop.

If you have wall space to fill then this might be the place to go for a set of eye catching prints to matt and frame in your own style and create a great display in the hall, the living room or even the bathroom. At the moment the offering is of Victorian Chromolithography and 1930s 'wallchart'-style prints from Enquire Within on Everything, but this range will be expanding over the weeks ahead. Bookmark me now:


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