Sunday, June 03, 2012

Albert Wainwright, Illustrator

Since March when I stumbled across some past auction results for a chap called Albert Wainwright and posted some of his images on this blog, that post has brought a slow trickle of interested emails from people who either own a painting or know a little bit about him or want to know more. So I've had my eye open since and it discover that as well as his roles designing for the theatre, Wainwright also provided designs and illustrations for a number of books. This one is the first I have physically laid hands on, a play of The Widow of Ephesus tale from the Satyricon, published at the Sign of the Swan in Leeds in 1925. A number of Wainwright's book projects were published under this sign and more research is going on to discover more about the books produced. A number of other Wainwright-related projects are bubbling under the surface at the moment and I'm sure there will be news in the near future. For now... what thighs!

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