Friday, May 18, 2012

Wooden Printing Block

I can't resist printing blocks. This one I picked up in an antiques centre in Farnham in Hampshire a couple of weeks ago. I have now sworn off the usual wood mounted zinc alloy printing block you see loads of around the place, and I'm even off the wood-mounted copper printing blocks: the second most common kind to be found today. And I've never been all that attracted to the individual wooden block letters and numbers you see tumbling out of every antique dealer's backroom cupboard. But this one struck me as being a little unusual. It is clearly rather worn and I have no idea if it would print an acceptable image but it appears to be a mid-Victorian church and some kind of hall next door to it with figures in the street - and it is entirely carved from wood, in meticulous detail. It may never function again but just as an object I thought it was really rather special.

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frances said...

Looks interesting - N suggests you bring it up to London next Friday and he can have a go at printing something from it - if you would like. F

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