Friday, May 25, 2012

Vintage in Colour

Of course a vintage photograph doesn't have to be a black and white photograph. There are a growing number of colour photos in my collection and, like all the others, they ask questions to which we will most likely never have answers. Who was this thin young man with slightly red hair, a quiff and a peculiar beard and why was he prepared to pose in stretch underwear about the house to have his photo taken? More to the point I suppose is who was on the other side of the camera? we shall never know, I'm sure... but half the fun of these kinds of photos is the exercise of the imagination.


Chris said...

Love your blog but as a Yank I need some help: What's a quiff??

Callum said...

Hi Chris,

a Quiff is a hairstyle: that kind of wavy, up and over style of the rockers of the 1950s and, of course, Elvis. This guy only has a little quiff but they tell me size doesn't matter!

thanks for dropping in


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