Thursday, May 17, 2012

Theatre Programmes and Artwork

Theatre programmes are, on the whole, not worth huge sums of money. One or two will find a kind of collateral place in someone's collection. Out of these here, the only one with any independent value is A Streetcar Named Desire because of its association with Vivien Leigh, and even then it's only a matter of 15-20 GBP. But, having trawled through a huge pile of programmes today, I was intrigued a little by some of the artwork. Most basic 20th century West End theatre programmes don't have artwork at all as they were produced cheaply and sold for 6d. However, the 'Streetcar' artwork has a signature but I can't make out more than "Don...". These other two also I thought were nicely period pieces. The BBC programme has a border which, to me, is a little reminiscent of Ravillious and Barnett Freedman but is initialled T.L.P. The Royal Albert Hall programme from 1948 has a great design but is only signed 'Hans'. Any suggestions about who these artists might have been would be gratefully received in the comments section...

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