Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Ephemera Test

If I ever had to invent a test to see if someone had it in them to be a true collector of ephemera, I think I would hand them this piece of paper and tell them to throw it into a bin. The worm-eaten, damp-stained, crumbly, smelly and disintegrating old Bible whose frontispiece it once was, has long been consigned to the trash. But I have kept this part of it ever since, unable to throw it away for the sheer ephemery-ness of it.


Brian Busby said...

'Tis a thing of beauty... and that date, so elegantly written, is my birthday.

Not the same year, you'll understand.

Callum said...

Hi Brian,

What a lovely coincidence... I am enjoying your blogs too and discovering that I should know something about John Glassco...


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