Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bill for the Use of a Jacket

Given my recently flourishing fetish for dustjackets from the mid-twentieth century, it's hardly suprising that I picked this up from a bookhop shelf today but, to be honest, I might not have bought it had I not noticed the piece of paper sticking out of the book. This copy included the artist's bill to the publisher for the design of the jacket. So, we know that Falcon Books at least were paying £7 and seven shillings in 1948. It's these kinds of insignificant details that make my bibliographer's heart swell and although I don't imagine for a moment that the letter makes the book hugely valuable, it does add a lot of value to me and I was delighted to find it.


J said...

When I was in Lewes last year for a friend's birthday, I naturally visited all the used bookshops on the high street. One had a hardcover copy of one of John Creasey's thrillers that had been "marked up" as a guide for the typesetters of the paperback edition. It was a bit pricey, and it was a title I already had, so I passed on it...and have been kicking myelf ever since.

Callum said...

Someone once said to me that the only money they regret is the money they didn't spend. I thought they were wise words then... they also make a great sales patter I have since discovered!

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