Thursday, April 05, 2012

Waspish Book Cover

Back in February, when I was having a bit of a clear out I put up some scans of paperback covers from the 1960s, speculative fiction all. Among that last post it was the Pan Paperback one which stood out for imagination if not for execution. So when I saw this on a bookshop bookshelf the other day, obviously I had to have it. According to Punch, "Lots of action, mostly on Salisbury Plain and in the Mendips... the encounters with the hyper-Hymenoptera are done in piquant detail" The cover painting is actually signed, W. F. Phillips.


John C said...

That'll be W. Francis Phillips, also the person responsible for this inspirer of childhood trauma:

Art Durkee said...

I have to say, this novel actually gave me nightmares. That's pretty rare for me, so it's notable. Granted, I was younger when I first read it, but it really got under my skin. *ahem*

Great cover.

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